What’s the deal with all this jazz?

Well hello there!!

I am a book lover who loves nothing more than sitting/cuddling/lying upside down with a great book and a steaming hot cup of tea (milk and half a sugar).

I would much rather get started on a new book then take the time to trawl through all the book reviews there are out there to decide whether it is even worth reading!

My aim is to produce short book reviews that take up no time at all. This can be from any genre, time, author, publishing house (or lack thereof), etc. This blog is part of the transmedia system that I have set up concerning these reviews. This side of 120secondbookreview will be more detailed and a little longer than the others. A place for me to elaborate, even if just a little bit.

For shorter, snappier and quicker reviews I refer to the other mediums: my two-minute youtube videos, my single tweet reviews, and my sentence-long reviews on tumblr. But with all that conciseness I need somewhere to talk more! I am a talker by nature so this will be my blah! blog. If that is not your style, check out the others… you never know which one will take your fancy!

Thanks chickens!!


PS. Chickens is a northern term of endearment. Not a horrible name to tease peeps with! Don’t you worry!


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