A young girls journey through her first year at University. Not your average coming of age story. This involves separation of twins, FanFiction, hospital visits, estranged family members, and anxiety issues. A story for and about modern teenagers?


I had been dying to read this for so long and it did not let me down! It really is such a refreshing read. It is a story that sheds light on things that have been a secret in society for a while, things to be ashamed of. Things such as writing or reading FanFiction, being part of a fandom, anxiety issues, mental health. You name it, it probably is in there somewhere!

Cath is a figure that you can relate to in many different ways. It is nice to read about a young woman who is struggling through life and finds comfort the only way she knows how and it’s through fiction. It is different to anything I have ever read before in this respect. It has tapped into the things that have never really been discussed or even acknowledged before. Teenagers can be confusing and misunderstood and this brings a different light onto them which is great.

But more than what it means as a whole, the story itself is beautifully written. It is paced and thorough. It feels as though you are reading Cath’s diary (despite this not being the format). You read her thoughts and her emotions as one would with a direct peephole. You are scrapping to reassure her, to encourage her, to stand up for her and to generally help her. Not because she is incompetent but because she needs a bit of encouragement and support. She just feels so real.

Well-written, relatable, enjoyable, funny, and a heart-wrenching novel. I would recommend to anyone. Definitely worth a read. And I do believe I will be reading Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park next. Am not missing out on that one! Watch this space for that review!

One last word… it is not just for young adults. It is a heart-warming and charming novel all by itself. It really does deserve a chance and it will charm it’s way into your heart. Promise.


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


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