Elizabeth is Missing

This is the debut novel of Emma Healey who is in her early 20s. I went to an Elle book club in the summer with her and her novel as the focus. She came, read an extract and answered questions. She was delightfully charming.

The same can be said of her novel. Elizabeth is Missing is a tale told from the perspective of a Alzheimer sufferer, Maud, who is continually concerned about her friend, Elizabeth, who has gone missing.

It is an interesting perspective as it shows an intimate portrait as to what it can be like to suffer from an illness of this kind. I think the most prominent issue that comes across throughout this is that regardless of how much of a point she has or how important what she has to say is, many people, including her own daughter, dismiss what she says. This is understandable from all perspectives which makes it a touching work. You can relate to the frustration of Maud, both for her forgetfulness, memory loss and not being listened to. Yet you can also understand that from an outsiders perspective, she is not making much sense and there doesn’t seem to be much substance to what she is saying. Although as we find out, much to the contrary. She is revealing the secrets of a case from seventy years ago, and neither Maud or those around her fully comprehend what is being revealed.

A touching, thoughtful and intriguing debut novel. Loved the flash backs and the resolution.

Elizabeth is Missing Emma Healey


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