Station Eleven

A flu pandemic has hit the world as we know it. Nothing will be the same again. But we have heard those words before, for much less drastic events. This novel takes a post-apocolypical world further. We begin by following an Orchestra and Shakespeare travelling troupe through what was known as Canada and the US. With no transport, no communication, no satellites, no signals, no internet, no phone connection, what is the world like? How do we cope, survive and will we ever thrive again?

The novel takes us on such a realistic trip through the events that it led me to seriously consider how unprepared we are for something like this to happen. What we would become when the things we rely on are no longer there. It is a triumph of a novel!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it stayed with me for days and days. The characters are all relatable and 3-dimensional, they all have their own stories and they all end in different ways, some in ways you don’t expect.

I loved that the character that ties everyone together dies in the first chapter, before the flu pandemic even strikes. And he brings these people together in his own way. This novel will remain in my heart and head for a long time after I have turned the last page. It is incredible. Everyone needs to give this a read. Yes. Everyone.

Station ElevenĀ by Emily St.John Mandel


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