Waiting for Doggo

This is a tale of a man and his dog. What begins as a hostile relationship results in an undeniably beautiful and charming friendship. Dan has just been left by his girlfriend of four years and been dumped with their dog, Doggo. The one he didn’t even want in the first place.

Dan is a bit of a lost soul. Well, less lost soul and more stumbling soul. He works in advertising and we follow him through his life with the new addition of Doggo by his side. He is amazing at his job but he is very down to earth and is searching for something more in his life.

The main macho: Doggo is a stubborn, entertaining and absolute charmer of a pup. He may not be described as the most attractive dog but damn if he isn’t the funniest. That dog knows what’s up! He’s a reality check with a glare to freeze water. I wish I had a friend like him to guide me through life.

I am eager to mention at this point that this is not one of those novels that are intensely emotional or hold a very profound message or lesson. It is a light read from start to finish!

This really is a fun, witty and amusing read. I read it over a couple of days and I related to it so much. Even just about life day to day and the ups and downs you go through. It felt modest and light. I have heard that it is for those who are fans of the TV shows How I Met Your Mother and Friends, and I can see why. It has that kind of feel to it, entertaining, funny, witty and relatable without the drama and seriousness that pack a wallop.

After last weeks review I mentioned that I was due a light read. This was most certainly what the doctor ordered! I thoroughly enjoyed this as a quick read and would highly recommend it. Now I just need to find me a Doggo…

Waiting For Doggo by Mark Mills


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