The Widow

A little girl goes missing from her front yard… The police arrest and then release Glen Taylor. Now he is dead. Now his wife is free to tell her story about The Story. The one that has been plastered all over newspapers nationwide. She must have known all along whether he did it? Right? We follow Jean tell her story of what happened during the months of the investigation, consequent arrest, trial, freedom then Glen’s death.

A truly gripping and fascinating read. Taken from the widow’s perspective and looking at the trials and tribulations of their marriage throughout this horrific experience, whilst dying to know what happened to this poor little girl. It is a very clever novel and done really well. Barton doesn’t shy away from the ugliness and the disturbing world. Some parts made me really uncomfortable to read but only because they were realistic and viable. Looking mainly through Jean’s perspective is rather heart breaking. To go through it with her gives you just a glimpse as to what it would be like.

The time gaps through the different stages and perspectives is really interesting and something that you have to pay attention to! Your opinion constantly changes and the more you discover, the more confusing it gets. I for one didn’t have a clue about any of it!

As for the ending, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. It was rather satisfying yet it didn’t quite feel tied up to me. I wanted to know more. Yet it was fitting in it’s way, it echoes real life. When it comes to the end of a case, not all questions are answered and real life continues…

Fiona Barton has done an incredible job on this all round and has touched upon an area not often discussed or delved into in novels, the focus being elsewhere. I’m a bit weak-stomached when it comes to thrillers/crime and more realistic violence (in Fantasy it surprisingly doesn’t bother me) so this was a little disturbing to me but it was a feat in its genre. Well worth a read.


The Widow by Fiona Barton


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