The Lake House

The Lake House is a true Kate Morton novel. It involves mystery, intruige and family secrets. We spin across 3 different generations and many different time periods to uncover the story of what happened to baby Theo who mysteriously disappeared one night. A bestselling crime author is still keeping secrets from 70 years ago, a disgraced cop is hunting in an abandoned country manor in Cornwall and a wealthy lady is embarking on the beginning of her life long marriage. Three completely different characters in different times and places but all entangled up with the same mystery. 

Morton always has an excellent plotline. Full of twists and turns! Secrets come out of the woodworks from years ago and new secrets are created. I adored this story as I have all of her novels. She has a very unique voice that allows a 500/600 page novel to simply be breathed in and digested. 

I really liked the different romantic relationships, how none of them were perfect yet had their own realism and perfectionism. I especially loved Eleanor and Anthony’s relationship. 

The ending all tied together a little too well but that is the nature of a beast like this. You have been searching for the answers for so long that you are damned well gonna get them. Saying that, it is nice to think that it would all be so neatly tied up. It may not be realistic but it’s a nice change from reality! 

Another brilliant novel by Kate Morton who is one of my most reliable loveable authors. I just know I can devour and love her books. Yet, it is a niche and I can’t really categorise her style.. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed with it. Promise. 
The Lake House by Kate Morton 


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