A Darker Shade of Magic/A Gathering of Shadows

Now this is a first. I am doing a two-part review! Or a review for two books at the same time.. Or… Never mind. Anyway. It’s a first. I am not going to spoil anything (or try really hard not to!!) but I will put a separate review of the second book (A Gathering of […]


Historical fiction is a neglected love of mine. I adore it yet I barely ever read it. This is one occassion where I tried to correct this. Sovereign is the third book in C.J.Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series set in Henry VIII’s time. I have not read any other books in this series but continued regardless, […]

The Vegetarian

This is another book that was not a personal choice of mine. Me and a group of friends initially met at a book club and proceeded to create our own. That was a year and a half ago… We haven’t discussed a shared book for over a year. We wanted to correct that and this […]


Oh boy. This may be a long one. You have been warned… Illuminae is a very unique story that uses so many different formats and images that you never know what is coming next! So the story is about a girl called Kady and a guy called Ezra. The morning they break up, their ice […]

Sorcerer to the Crown

A magical regency tale where magic has stopped being brought into England, war ravages miles and countries away and the Society of Unnatural Philosophers has just gained a new Sorcerer to the Crown… an African whose mentor (the previous Sorcerer to the Crown) has disappeared and Zacharias has taken up the staff which may only […]

The Lake House

The Lake House is a true Kate Morton novel. It involves mystery, intruige and family secrets. We spin across 3 different generations and many different time periods to uncover the story of what happened to baby Theo who mysteriously disappeared one night. A bestselling crime author is still keeping secrets from 70 years ago, a […]

The Letter for the King

This is like a trip back to childhood. A knight’s tale of a trip across the land to deliver a letter to the King, being chased by the dangerous Red Knights, keeping a secret that no one must know and knowing who to trust along the way. Tiuri is a soon-to-be knight who is to […]

Da Vinci’s Tiger

I received this book as part of a subscription service and wasn’t sure whether I would take to it or not. It isn’t something that I would pick out for myself. But I guess that is the point of these things… Da Vinci’s Tiger is a story about the relationship between an artist and a […]

A Spool of Blue Thread

I always pick up Award nominees with a bit of hesitation. I am hesitate not only because I have a a big expectation and that everyone has been bragging about it tons but that I just won’t “get” it. There have been a number of books that have won The Man Booker Prize, Baileys Women’s […]

Annihilation (The Southern Reach Trilogy)

Further to my first step into Science Fiction with The Martian, I practically snatched this book off the shelf. It is set in a future time where we meet a team of four specialists embarking on an exhibition into an area only known as Area X. With no contact from the outside world, maps that […]