The Vegetarian

This is another book that was not a personal choice of mine. Me and a group of friends initially met at a book club and proceeded to create our own. That was a year and a half ago… We haven’t discussed a shared book for over a year. We wanted to correct that and this […]

The Lake House

The Lake House is a true Kate Morton novel. It involves mystery, intruige and family secrets. We spin across 3 different generations and many different time periods to uncover the story of what happened to baby Theo who mysteriously disappeared one night. A bestselling crime author is still keeping secrets from 70 years ago, a […]

A Spool of Blue Thread

I always pick up Award nominees with a bit of hesitation. I am hesitate not only because I have a a big expectation and that everyone has been bragging about it tons but that I just won’t “get” it. There have been a number of books that have won The Man Booker Prize, Baileys Women’s […]

My Grandmother Sends Her Apologies & Regards

This is a charming and engaging novel by Frederik Backman. It follows an extremely special and clever eight-year old who follows a treasure hunt left to her by her grandmother who has just passed away. It takes her on an adventure of animals, stories and fairy tales. All the while, uncovering her grandmothers past. I […]