Richelle Mead remains to this day one of my favourite authors. Her series The Vampire Academy, despite the horrendous name, is my ultimate favourite series. A series that I will most likely be doing a more detailed post on soon. So when a new stand alone novel by Mead comes out… Count me in. Soundless […]

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

This is a poetic prose about the authors journey through love. Elizabeth Smart fell in love with George Barker’s writing and when they met for the first time (with his wife alongside them) she pretty much jumped off the cliff to complete devotion. We follow her from this first meeting through their relationship and to […]

My Grandmother Sends Her Apologies & Regards

This is a charming and engaging novel by Frederik Backman. It follows an extremely special and clever eight-year old who follows a treasure hunt left to her by her grandmother who has just passed away. It takes her on an adventure of animals, stories and fairy tales. All the while, uncovering her grandmothers past. I […]

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series

Synopsis We join a young woman with bright blue hair living a double life. One side is her university life, having tea on a coffin table with her puppet-maker best friend. The other is collecting and dealing in teeth with her adopted family of monsters in another world.  Review First off, the titles and covers […]