Annihilation (The Southern Reach Trilogy)

Further to my first step into Science Fiction with The Martian, I practically snatched this book off the shelf. It is set in a future time where we meet a team of four specialists embarking on an exhibition into an area only known as Area X. With no contact from the outside world, maps that have various key monuments left out, no route for escape, and an aura of complete mystery and scientific bafflement… They are left to figure out what is going on with Area X and why the past eleven exhibitions have failed (in turn resulting in suicide, death and a cancer epidemic). What awaits these four women on the dreaded Area X and why on Earth would they volunteer to venture there?

This novel was rather creepy and haunting. I wasn’t sure what to expect with it but was really surprised at how eerie it was and how you actually have more questions at the end then you did at the beginning!

Area X itself is a gorgeous setting for the novel, although you know that there is something not quite right about it from the beginning, you kind of appreciate the beauty of it along with the biologist narrator. Little things like the specialists not using there original names and there being a psychologist there in the first place, along with hints of the previous testing they went through, you just know that things are going to keep on happening. It really doesn’t take long for it to begin!

A really eerie and interesting novel. I read it and whilst I enjoyed it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read on or read the rest of the series. Even when I finished the book, although I enjoyed it I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience it again. Yet once I read the synopsis for the second novel Authority, I knew that I had to continue. And I shall most definitely keep you updated on it.

Creepy, haunting, clever and scenic novel that has left me intrigued as to what the hell is going on!



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